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Migrating to Amazon Connect? Let VoiceFoundry Plan Your Path

Migrating can be a simple journey

We know no two journeys are the same. Migrating to a cloud solution is no different. However, we have found through our experience handling many customer engagements that many similarities also exist. We have taken those challenges and similarities and built our methodology to make a migration to the cloud a smooth journey. Customers often grapple with the same questions time and time again.

How do we create a plan to migrate our contact centre to the cloud? How can we easily make the move Amazon Connect ? What applications do we need to eliminate, enhance, or simply redo? Hasn’t technology changed enough by now that we can finally do some cool things with our customer service interfaces?

So many questions to be answered, assessed and discussed in order to create the best migration strategy for your contact centre — VoiceFoundry is ready to talk migration with you!

Making the Move to Amazon Connect

To make your migration successful, it is imperative to understand the mindset behind Amazon Connect.  It is based on never-before seen architecture, with an unmatched pricing model and truly ground breaking automation capabilities like Lex and Polly.   Amazon Connect allows for more user control and enables users to easily make changes to support business initiatives. 

Amazon Connect offers updated features and services that quickly provide ongoing value to your business.  Let VoiceFoundry help you discover the possibilities with Amazon Connect and its broad portfolio of solutions that deliver maximum value.

 Key questions you need to cover before setting out on a migration path:

  1. What is the purpose of my contact centre as a whole?  Do I have a service centre?  Sales centre? 
  2. Is my goal to reduce agent expense?  Or drive product revenues?  
  3. How frequently do I want to update my customer interfaces?  
  4. Does my system understand why my customers are calling?  Should it? 
  5. Who in my organization might be tasked with managing and supporting ongoing changes?

Migration Practice

  • Technology assessment
  • Application design
  • Proof of Concept
  • Migration planning

Create a Plan with the Right Partner

Businesses considering migrating to the cloud can truly benefit from a proven migration path and strategy with VoiceFoundry.  We understand that the investment must deliver business results in cost savings, productivity and, most importantly, customer satisfaction. 

The key to creating a plan that will deliver on expectations is to ensure you select the right partner and solution. 

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