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Agent Desktop for Amazon Connect

Agent Desktop for Amazon Connect by VoiceFoundry

Imagine being able to seamlessly navigate all incoming or outbound customer interactions in one centralised platform. VoiceFoundry’s Agent Desktop for Amazon Connect provides agents tools that assist in providing frictionless and personalised customer experiences that are critical in today’s business environment.

The VoiceFoundry Agent Desktop is an omnichannel communication platform built specifically for Amazon Connect to deliver a seamless experience no matter what channel is used. In addition, businesses can leverage the benefits of Amazon Connect and other AWS services to drive a holistic view of every customer interaction all while enhancing the agent experience as well.

Agent Desktop

Taking the customer and agent experience to the next level.


The VoiceFoundry Agent Desktop for Amazon Connect lets agents communicate with customers and team members through an omnichannel experience. What is an omnichannel experience? An omnichannel experience offers customers the ability to communicate across different channels which are seamlessly integrated into a single view, ensuring agents have all the information they need, regardless of the channel, to assist the customer.

Unified Channels

  • Displayed contact attributes
  • View embedded 3rd party applications

Email Routing

  • Send and reply to emails
  • Skill and priority-based routing
  • Queue priority and assignment

Case Escalation

  • View time-sequenced audit trail
  • Escalate case to supervisor

Voice Control

  • Dialpad
  • Contact directory
  • Quick Connects

Key features

  • Single Routing Engine via Connect for digital channels
  • Channel “jump” with attached data
  • Unified Agent Desktop
  • Presence sharing with voice, email and digital channels
  • CRM Screen pop
  • Voice, email, digital channels
  • Outbound number selection
  • Team directory
  • Secure IVR payment
  • Call disposition

Unify Communications

Create seamless omnichannel experiences by unifying multiple channels of communication in a single pane view. Empowering agents to view all customer data in a single desktop in order to provide a more personalised and efficient interaction. Increase customer and agent satisfaction by enabling interactions based on channel of choice.

VoiceFoundry offers contact centre services and applications that have been specifically built for and around Amazon Connect. Amazon Connect is a powerful contact centre solution built to be simple to use, easy to deploy with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.


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