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Service Cloud Voice Powered by Salesforce and AWS

Unified Voice, Digital for a Customer 360 Experience

Deliver the ultimate customer experience with Service Cloud Voice, from Salesforce. A complete solution enabling agents the ability to deliver personalised, consistent and efficient interactions for every customer across all channels. With a single source of truth in one integrated platform, agents have instant access to real-time customer insights to resolve cases quickly and efficiently.

Service Cloud Voice introduces natively integrated telephony into the powerful Service Cloud for Salesforce, offering a more dynamic agent experience and enhanced omnichannel visibility for supervisors all with an AI-powered console that delivers real-time insights. It’s the best of the best coming together for a solution that will change how the market looks at the contact centre.

Contact Centre Expertise

As one of the few organizations partnered with both Salesforce and a Premier Integrator for Amazon Connect, VoiceFoundry is in a unique position to help you design and implement Service Cloud Voice for your contact centre. Our team of contact centre experts possesses a deep understanding of Salesforce and the AWS ecosystem, and we have delivered more implementations of Amazon Connect than any partner focused on the contact centre space.


Boost Agent Productivity

Empower agents with a unified view of customer interactions across voice and digital channels. Integrated telephony allows agents the ability to easily manage calls within the Service Cloud console. Transforming each experience into a proactive and personalised interaction for every customer. Agents can quickly view accurate customer history including voice transcriptions and conversations in real-time in order to resolve customer inquiries faster.

Deliver Intelligent Interactions

Transform agent and customer interactions with AI-powered insight to create a more personalised and proactive experience. Salesforce Einstein analyses agent-customer interactions, delivering relevant knowledge articles, “Next-Best” responses to agents to quickly resolve customer support inquiries. Agents are empowered with more information to help resolve the customer’s issues quickly and efficiently, reducing resolution and call handle times.

Optimise Training and Management

Give supervisors insight into agent-customer interactions and reporting with Service Cloud Voice.  Empower supervisors with the ability to view cross channel interactions in real-time in order to identify opportunities for improvement.  With real insights, supervisors can provide agent training, onboarding or post-call coaching based on analytical data. With more insight, contact centres can improve case resolution times and streamline agent-customer interactions.

Simplified and Efficient Management

Service Cloud Voice is a scalable solution with predictable monthly all-in-one billing with a single provider. Reduce up-front costs with a fully integrated solution, pre-configured with out-of-the-box telephony integration, making implementation a snap in just days/weeks.

Simple Call Control

Enables agents to quickly handle calls from a single service console.

Real-Time Visibility Across Channels

Supervisors can view incoming and current calls as well as other related digital interactions in real-time.

Feature Differentiators:

  • Native call control and omnichannel presence syncing
  • AWS Connect call flows and Voicebot (Lex), Lambda pre-integration
  • Real-time call transcription (Amazon Transcribe) and Lightening API
  • Call Playback (S3 Storage)
  • Guided voice setup experience 
  • Omnichannel visibility
  • Call analytics with CRM integration
  • Real-time call assist and post-call training

Amazon Web Services Supported

Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex

Amazon S3

Amazon S3

Amazon Transcribe

Amazon Transcribe

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda