Experts in delivering amazing customer experiences with Amazon Connect

We are RELENTESS in the PURSUIT of CUSTOMER SUCCESS. As one of the first AWS Partners to implement Amazon Connect in enterprise contact centres, we know how to effectively and efficiently deliver results.

We are  focused on helping customers design and deploy intelligent and dynamic customer experiences across all channels and industries, leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services for the contact centre.


More About Us

Building a better Contact Centre with Amazon Connect

Our expertise is uniquely focused on deploying Amazon Connect, a cloud-based enterprise contact centre solution, as well as other Amazon products that focus on creating a friction-less customer experience.

Contact Centre

Build a flexible contact centre solution that delights customers and agents.

Conversational Bots

Create conversational customer interactions using AI and chatbot technology.

AI & Natural Language

Reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of every customer interaction with AI technology.

CRM & CTI Integration

Boost customer interactions and empower agents to deliver more personalised service.

Voice Response

Design and deliver easy to use integrated interactive voice applications.

User Experience Design

Utilise data-driven methods to improve IVR experiences and effectiveness of self-service.

1 Million

Over 1,000,000 and counting voice interactions of our deployed solutions supported every day.


With 40+ years experience in the contact centre industry, VoiceFoundry is the market leader in delivering contact centre solutions leveraging the portfolio of AWS cloud products.


Engaged in over 225 Amazon Connect integrations with major enterprises.


We’re the largest implementation partner of Amazon Connect on the planet.


It takes just 5 minutes to launch and start taking calls with Amazon Connect.


2500+ enterprise customer experience applications have been deployed and are supported every day.