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Experience the Power of Amazon Connect

Cloud-Based Contact Centre to Meet Customer Demands

Automation is everywhere and customers are increasingly interacting via voice, chatbot or SMS and frankly customers prefer to self-serve whenever possible.  This is just the reason Amazon Connect was deployed and has since disrupted the contact centre space.

 Amazon Connect is a cloud-based contact centre that is simple to deploy and manage for agents and supervisors, offered with no up-front payments or long term contracts, fully cloud-based, managed as a service, all with a pay-by-the-minute usage fees.   

So, just how do you determine if Amazon Connect is right for you? Let VoiceFoundry help you uncover the benefits and opportunities for your business.

Benefits of Amazon Connect for the Contact Centre


Simple to Deploy

With just a few clicks agents can be taking calls using AWS management console, making the creation of call flows efficient without any major coding required.


No minimum monthly fees, no contracts, just pay for what you use.  Usage is charged based on number of minutes expended, not the number of agents or with a bunch of hidden costs.


As a cloud-based solution there is not limit on infrastructure, allowing you to quickly and easily scale your contact centre up or down based upon need.

Easy to Integrate

Deliver enriched experiences with more automated interactions using Amazon Transcribe, Lex and Polly in order to mine data and use to fuel a better interactive customer experience.


Amazon Connect easily integrates with Amazon Lex intelligent conversation bots, enabling more natural and conversational interactions. 


Amazon Connect is based on contact centre technology used by Amazon customer service around the globe. 

Enrich every experience with AI and Amazon Connect

VoiceFoundry is uniquely focused on deploying Amazon Connect and incorporating the benefits of AI powered services to deliver a dynamic customer experience.

Empowering Amazon Connect with AI provides customers with real-time insights, assists agents in responding intelligently to customers inquiries and helps solve critical customer issues. Amazon Connect includes AWS artificial intelligence (AI), which provides the ability to transcribe and translate as well as analyse customer interactions in order to equip contact centre agents to more effectively assist customers.   

Amazon Web Services Supported

Amazon Connect

Amazon Polly

Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda

Amazon EC2

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon SageMaker

Amazon EMR