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Voicemail for Amazon Connect

Voicemail for Amazon Connect

Providing exceptional customer experience depends on effective communication. VoiceFoundry’s Voicemail for Amazon Connect enables businesses to increase customer satisfaction by making it easier and more convenient for customers to contact them outside of business hours or during peak wait times.

With this tool, businesses can easily turn off and on custom recordings, listen to messages, and delete, forward, or even return calls — all in one easy-to-use web interface.

The Voicemail of today

Taking messaging to the next level

Improving customer communication options with Voicemail for Amazon Connect can help business save employees time and increase customer satisfaction levels. Voicemail for Amazon Connect provides a fast time-to-value while requiring minimal IT resources.

Easily Access Customer Messages

  • Access voicemail recordings from an easy-to-use web app or customized agent desktop

Custom Greetings

  • Greet customers with a custom audio recording created through AWS Polly

Flexible formatting

  • Transcribe recorded messages
  • Agents can choose to receive the text of the voicemail via email, webpage, or alongside the audio file.

Message Notifications

  • Receive notifications of new messages via email or Amazon Connect Tasks

Simple Message Management

  • Messages managed via a simple web interface
  • Users can delete, forward, or initiate a call-back from the email message

Key features of AWS Connect Voicemail

  • Access voicemail recordings from an easy-to-use web application or customized agent desktop
  • Create custom greetings using AWS Polly
  • Access both audio and transcribed text files of customer messages
  • Receive new message notifications via Amazon Connect tasks or email
  • Delete, forward, or initiate callbacks from within an email message
  • Minimal IT resources requires
  • Leverages AWS services including Kinesis Video Streaming, Transcribe, Lambda, DynamoDB, SES, and CloudFront to record, transcribe and deliver messages